1. Connect with a Like Minded Community

A foundational aspect of your well-being is to feel a sense of belonging. As human beings, we are designed to connect with others as a means of accepting and loving yourself for who you are. When I was going through a challenging time in my life, it was being around others that I could relate to, that supported my growth. My belief in the power of community led me to create Rise Gatherings as a space for women to come together for health, hope and healing.

2. Flex Your Creativity

You are made to create! Tapping into and expressing through creativity is a means for your body to process emotions, in a way that your mind can’t access. Your hands are directly connected to your heart’s meridian and when you use them (other than to hold your phone), you free your body of tension and stuck energy. Creativity can look like writing, drawing, painting, playing instruments, dancing, sculpting, and the list goes on.


3. Move Your Hips

As the center point, your hips coordinate all of your movement. Our sedentary and restrictive culture unfortunately create tightness and weakness in this area of your body, which results in not only physical pain and limitations, but also spiritual, as this is the part of you that houses your power too. Believe it or not, kettlebells are an incredible way of opening up this area and strengthening its abilities. When performed correctly, movements like the deadlift, swing and get-up can be woven into your exercise routine for profound impact. Kettlebell Kundalini is a practice I developed that can support you with learning how to safely and effectively engage your mind and body through movement. You can try my classes on the OMFIT app.

4. Speak Sweetly to Yourself

Your body hears everything you say! Not only does it hear it, but it also integrates your thoughts as beliefs that become patterns in your nervous system. Think about the energy of these statements – “Ugh I’m not good at anything” and “I hate my legs.” compared to “I am learning new things.” and “I love myself as I am.” How do you think those translate in your body? Our culture hasn’t helped us much with this concept either, so be easy with yourself as you heighten the awareness of your inner dialogue and practice reframing your statements with compassion.

5. Give Undivided Attention to Your Primary Relationships

Primary relationships are those with people closest to you that you spend most of your time with. These deserve just as much attention as your relationship with yourself because they fulfill an aspect of your life you can not fulfill solo. Humans co-regulate, which means that when we interact we influence one another. Allowing yourself to be fully present, with warm and loving intentions, can beautifully impact your reciprocal relationships.

Rachel Rubin

Rachel Rubin has been an innovator in the wellness world for over a decade. She created Kettlebell Kundalini, an integration of her expertise in fitness and yoga, which has been featured on ABC TV and is one of the most popular classes on the international fitness platform OMFIT. As a somatic therapist, Rachel is at the forefront of addressing root causes of chronic conditions through body-oriented healing modalities. She is also the co-founder of Rise Gatherings that brings together thousands of women for retreat experiences. Rachel runs a thriving virtual and in person practice from her home in Philadelphia, PA where she lives with her wife, their three kids and their dog and cat.

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