What started as a personalized and private meal delivery service turned into a larger mission. After more than 10 years of creating custom meal programs for professional athletes, celebrities, and high performers, chef and nutrition expert Tricia Williams founded Daily Dose to make healthy, functional, and delicious meals accessible to anyone.

Daily Dose Life Meals

We source Locally & Sustainably
We source from local farms who practice regenerative farming methods and nourish the soil, so that we can ensure our food is not just good for us, but for our planet.

All Daily Dose ingredients are organic, bio-dynamic, hormone and anti-biotic free, gluten-free, dairy free and sourced from small, regenerative farmers that we work closely with throughout the seasons to ensure we’re getting the freshest and most nutrient dense produce available.

Support Bio-individuality
Food has the power to nurture, restore, and impact health in profound ways. We provide choices as we believe in bio- individuality. What works for one will not work for all.

Food is Joy!
Food is meant to be enjoyed. We show that clean foods with the healthiest ingredients available, is never depriving or boring but innovative, fun, and above all delicious.


Tricia Williams of Daily Dose Life

“Nutrient dense, wholesome food has the capcity to not only impact your everyday, but change the trajectory of your life.”
– Tricia Williams Founder & CEO

Educate and Inspire
We partner with leading experts in integrative health, nutrition, functional medicine, and fitness to share knowledge and empower our community to make better and more informed lifestyle choices.

Live Responsibly
We aim to create meals that help our community, our customers and our planet. We work with local farms and purveyors, we use a zero waste packaging solution and we cook with the seasons for peak freshness and sustainability.

Build Community
Food has always brought people together and we love to encourage that connection via our events, growing community, and social media.

Group of women at Daily Dose Life Event

Meet our plan partners

Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio and Daily Dose Life

Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried and Daily Dose Life

Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried

Dr. Will Cole and Daily Dose Life

Dr. Will Cole

Tricia Williams and Daily Dose Life

Tricia Williams

Don Saladino and Daily Dose Life

Don Saladino

Kelsey Heenan and Daily Dose Life

Kelsey Heenan

Brian Mazza Daily Dose Life

Brian Mazza


We are as meticulous about our environmental footprint as we are about our ingredients.

    • Our kitchens have a zero waste policy, keeping food waste below 1%.
    • Our shipping and delivery is completely carbon neutral.
    • Our food containers compost in 3 months.
    • Our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable.
    • Our box liners are made from cornstarch.
    • Our ice packs are non-toxic and drain safe.
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