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Paleo isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle. Designed for both men and woman looking for weightloss or simply to maintain their weight. Paleo delivers a low carb program. It targets inflammation and weight-loss while keeping you feeling full though out the day.

 Athlete will help your burn, build and balance. Design for the highly active individual, Athlete delivers meals made of of well sourced proteins, healthy fats and carbs as well as post work out smoothie.

Keto is a rapid fire weightloss plan .This Ketogenic meal plan will having you using fat as fuel within four days. Eating a high fat, low carb diet forces your body into a state of ketosis where it uses fat as it's fuel source. Shed unwanted body fat and gain lean muscle mass without feeling deprived.

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"I refer to Tricia Williams as a nutrition magician. She taps the latest ingredients and utilizes them in a way nobody else does. As a nutritionist, I go to every healthy restaurant in NYC.

Generally, I feel I could make what I’m served (or make it better). Daily Dose’s food always impresses me both with their innovation and deliciousness."

Lauren Slayton MS RD, Founder of Foodtrainers

"Daily dose is one of the best meal delivery services you can get for the price! Extremely quality food, absolutely delicious meals, well thought out portion sizes, flavors and variety. You would never think you were eating so healthy. Whether you are a new mom trying to get back in shape, A busy person who has no time to cook healthy for themself, A trainer who needs to do a photo shoot or you have specific goals and needs you can find that in your daily dose!"

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Yoga Spark and Daily Dose

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