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Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Health expert-designed, organic meal plans delivered to your door, ready-to-eat.

Choose the plan

Choose the plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

Choose the meals

Choose the meals and customize your schedule.

delivered to your doorstep

Fresh ready-to-eat meals delivered to your doorstep.

Need help deciding what plan or program is best for you?
Get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help guide you.

Expert formulated, chef prepared  organic meal plans designed for results

Daily Dose sources all produce and protein from only the most biodynamic, organic and regenerative farms

We work with local producers to ensure each meal is the most clean and nutrient dense option on the market
SuperCharged by Don Saladino
SuperCharged by Don Saladino
The Program
The Program

The essential tools for a successful and healthy year with 2, 4 or 8 week options expertly designed for lasting results.

Use code: PROGRAM23 at checkout

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Sebastian Stan

“I started the reFRESH 5 during a particularly busy work week. I honestly ordered for the convenience of prepared meals to get me through my day. What I didn’t expect was how light and healthy I felt at the end of each day! I love starting my day not only with a fresh green juice and smoothie but also the little reminder from Erin and Sarah to stay present! Every meal was perfectly proportioned, flavorful and satisfying. I have admittedly gotten addicted to the juices and smoothies and want to start my days with them always!”

Bridget Moynahan

Alex Silver-Fagan

“I’ve tried a lot of meal services in my time as a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and athlete and NONE of them have compared to Daily Dose. Not only is the food fresh and colorful, but it also keeps me full for hours. Especially the Paleo Plan, which focuses on quality animal protein at the forefront of their menus. I’m so grateful to have Daily Dose for the weeks when cooking feels overwhelming, and to help balance my mental health journey as well. Not only does nutrition fuel the body, it grounds the mind! I’m looking forward to continuing being a part of the Daily Dose family and enjoying all of their different plans.”

Alex Silver-Fagan
Nike Master Trainer
Casey Means, MD

“Before Daily Dose, I had never seen a food plan that combines organic ingredients, keto, AND is plant based. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious, with unique flavors and combinations. Grateful to have found a plan that is plant-focused and doesn’t spike my blood glucose.”

Dr. Casey Means
Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder

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Performance Meal Plans

SuperCharged by Don Saladino

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Cleanse Programs

reFRESH5 by Sarah Wragge


Prescriptive Meal Plans

Taste of Home by Dr. Mona V.

The Ketotarian by Dr. Will Cole

Protein Forward by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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The LUV Diet by Dr. David Perlmutter

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