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Your greener way to reach Ketosis

Keto is a low carb, high fat diet that lowers blood sugar and insulin levels and forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Ketogenic diets rely heavily on meats to provide the necessary fat for your body to enter ketosis.

Functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole’s book KETOTARIAN® was a game-changer. The Ketotarian® diet leverages all the benefits of eating a high-fat diet by combining the sciences of ketogenic and vegetarian diets to optimize your cells, and improve your gut health as well as your overall health.

Too often, many vegetarians and vegans become “carbotarians.” The result over time can be severe deficiencies of vital nutrients, as well as dangerous levels of inflammation.


Dr. Cole’s novel plant-forward approach helps your body switch from burning sugar to burning fat. The Ketotarian® meal plan, designed in collaboration with Tricia Williams, our founder, not only beats the conventional ketogenic diet for anti-inflammatory power, it avoids the common mistakes Dr. Cole sees well-intentioned vegans and vegetarians making.

The Ketotarian® by Dr. Will Cole, an organic ready-to-eat meals, incorporates a wide variety of nutrient-rich vegetables, sustainable seafood, farm eggs, and good fats to nourish and transition your body into a healthy state of ketosis.

The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan of healthy fats supports brain health, burns fat, boosts energy, crushes cravings, and calms inflammation.

This approach provides all the health and weight-loss benefits of keto diets and welcomes pescatarians and people looking for an alternative to the typical keto diet to the table.


All Daily Dose meals are

Regenerative farm to table ingredients | Nutritionally formulated | Chef-prepared | Ready-to-eat


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NEW Winter Menu

week of February 6th

day 1

Everything Bagel
Farm Egg Scramble, Miso Chive Cress Spread, Radish

Pan Roasted Salmon, Ginger Green Onion Salsa
Gem Lettuce, Radish, Roasted Celery Root, Black Seeds, Tarragon Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

Cashew Creamy Thyme Cauli Risotto
Brussels Sprouts, Black Garlic, Lemon Tahini

day 2

Braised Eggs & Spinach, Leeks, Zatar
Nutty Bread

Crab Cakes
Cooked Salad: Heirloom Baby Carrots, Broccoli, Shiitakes, Cashew Carrot Ginger Dressing

Thai Coconut Cauli Meatballs
Braised Shredded Cabbage, Sesame Scallion Sprinkle

day 3

Almond Raspberry Flapjacks
Citrus Blueberry Cream

Roasted Eggplant Steak
Cauliflower, Pomegranate, Pistachio, Onions, Parsley, Mint, Dill, Tarragon, Cumin Lime Dressing

Roasted Wild Prawns
Tomato, Butternut Orzo, Fennel Seed, Garlic and Orange Peel Fat Bomb

day 4

Green Veggie &  Avocado Frittata
Citrus Salad

Seed Crusted Mushroom Schnitzel (coriander, nigella, sunflower, pumpkin)
Broccoli Kohlrabi Slaw, Chile Mint Coconut Dressing

Sous Vide Roots
Broccoli w/ Cumin, Chile & Mint, Rosemary Fat Bomb

day 5

Coconut Chia Whipper Almond Butter Parfait
Raspberry Black Seed Compote

Brussels Satay Salad
Pad Thai Veggie Noodles, Carrots, Peppers, Onions, Zucchini, Cilantro, Ginger Miso Almond Butter

BBQ Pulled Jack Fruit
Cooked Cabbage Slaw

day 6

Slow Cooked Farm Egg Cups
Winter Greens Spread

BLT Caesar
Tuscan Kale, Almond Croutons, Shiitake Bacon, Blistered Tomatoes,“Buttermilk” Dressing

Vegetable Pho
Shirataki Noodles, Chiles, Bean Sprouts, Onions, Greens, Sriracha 

day 7

Cardamon Almond Pea Protein Waffles
Cinnamon Apple Compote

Sage Rubbed Butternut Steak, Fermented Red Onion Jam
Cooked Salad: Butternut, Broccoli, “Cheesy” Black Pepper Basil Tahini

Root Vegetable Osso Bucco
“Creamy” Green Cauliflower Risotto

Our philosophy is to use kitchen as pharmacy. This plan feeds your body with the right nutrition to:

Reduce inflammation – putting the body into a state of ketosis activates genes responsible for the health and function of detoxification pathways.
Stabilize blood sugar – through elimination of carbohydrates and refined sugars.
Boost Weight Loss – reducing appetite and calorie intake through nutrition and burning excess fat stored around your liver, stomach, and in triglycerides.

Kelly Rutherford

“Dr. Will Cole shows us how to invest in ourselves through proper diet and nutrition. After all, health is wealth. What a beautiful way to take care of our future today.”

Kelly Rutherford

American actress

Tricia Williams

“The Ketorarian meal plan brings Dr. Will Cole’s book KETOTARIAN® to life. We are seeing amazing results with our customers, from weight loss, reduced inflammation, and reduction of symptoms in chronic diseases.”

Tricia Williams

Founder and CEO of Daily Dose Life

Casey Means, MD 2

“Before Daily Dose, I had never seen a food plan that combines organic ingredients, keto, AND is plant based. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious, with unique flavors and combinations. Grateful to have found a plan that is plant-focused and doesn’t spike my blood glucose.”

Casey Means, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Ketotarian® diet so good at fighting inflammation?
The Ketotarian® Plan is particularly good at quelling that inflammation storm. By putting your body into a state of ketosis, the plan helps you burn fat as fuel and activate genes responsible for the health and function of your detoxification pathways. It also promotes healthier cell function.

Why is the Ketotarian® diet so good at fighting balancing blood sugar?
The typical American eats and drinks an average of 130 pounds of added sugar every year, some of it from obvious sources, but much of it from hidden ones. Most people today eat so much sugar and so many carbohydrates that they end up with blood glucose levels that are dangerously high. High blood sugar is toxic and it can lead to serious health issues. Any sugar the body can’t burn gets stored as fat around your liver, stomach, and in circulating fat (known as triglycerides). Burning sugar as your primary source of energy is like using dirty fuel – you have to refuel often or you will get “hangry” on that blood sugar roller coaster. You don’t have to get stuck in that cycle. Instead, you could be burning fat, a more efficient fuel source for your metabolism.

What are ketones?
A by-product of fat metabolism is ketones, which your body and brain can use as a slow-burning, efficient source of fuel. Ketosis allows you to consume far fewer carbohydrates while simultaneously increasing your energy. Less blood sugar means less insulin, and as insulin levels fall and your body requires energy, your liver produces ketones to fuel your body. Your brain can also use ketones as an alternative fuel source when blood levels of ketones are high enough to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Is it healthy to eat that much fat?
Your brain is comprised of 60 percent fat. In order for the brain to work optimally, it needs a lot of energy. From an evolutionary and biological standpoint, the most sustainable form of energy comes from healthy fats.

While we do our best, we do not provide a product for people with medically-necessitated diets or severe allergies. We are a facility that processes tree nuts.


At Daily Dose we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint.

All our containers and delivery material is fully recyclable or compostable. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Need help?

Get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help guide you.

Dr. Will Cole is a leading functional medicine expert named one of the top 50 functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation. Dr.Cole specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing a functional medicine approach for a wide range of health issues. more

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This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to starting this program if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medications or nutritional supplements.

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