1. 8 hours of sleep

Cellular renewal & repair happens when our body is sleeping and good REM sleep is when all of the magic happens. Skin makes new collagen when we sleep, which prevents sagging. More collagen means skin is plumper and less likely to wrinkle. Only getting 5 hours of sleep a night can lead to twice as many lines as getting 8 would. Sleep is healing. It’s important to recharge both your body and mind the right way, and allow your system to reboot.

2. Stretch and meditate

Stress reducer, mitigate chronic low-grade inflammation Studies show that both acute and chronic stress can exert negative effects on overall skin wellness, as well as exacerbate a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, and hair loss. Stretching creates more blood flow and that extra blood rush can give your face a nice, instant flush. With that same blood flow, you also add nutrients and hydration to help cleanse and strengthen skin, while also minimizing signs of aging. Meditation allows the system to invite in the calm that it needs to reduce stress in the body.


3. Exfoliate

Flush and detox- inside + out beauty, gut health to skincare Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells by breaking the bonds that glue them together, allowing new cells to surface, and giving your daily glow an instant boost. Exfoliating also whisks away any dirt and debris deep within your pores that your cleanser may have missed. Although our bodies are well equipped to neutralize and expel toxins (via liver, gut, kidneys, lungs and skin,) over time these systems may become sluggish, especially with poor nutrition and fast paced lifestyles. When this happens, the skin as an eliminative organ will pick up the slack from other systems revealing dull, congested and unhealthy skin. By incorporating foods & elixirs that support the health and function of the eliminative organs and naturally flush out toxins, skin is best protected against toxin load and congestion.

4. Nourish & Boost your body with non-toxic, fortifying & antioxidant rich nutrition

Being the most exposed organ to environmental pollutants, our skin is under constant attack of toxins that impede skin homeostasis at the cellular & structural level. Combine this with modern westernized diets that weaken gut-skin axis & biocommunication and promote chronic low-grade inflammation, it is not surprising many experience premature skin aging, hair thinning or suffer with chronic skin conditions such as adult acne. Through reducing dietary toxin load, promoting gut health and boosting nutrient density, aesthetic focused nutrition works to provide a balanced ratio and concentrated source of nutrients that play essential roles in the metabolism, protection and structural integrity of the skin, hair and nails.

5. Sweat it out

Detoxify + glow- Sweat literally leaves your skin glistening, but more importantly, exercise gets blood circulating throughout the body, which gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. Proper blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to circulate and nourish skin cells. Regular exercise and normal sweat production have been shown to have anti-aging effects. Additionally, it even helps kill harmful bacteria on your skin’s surface.

Melinda Farina

Melinda Farina Founder Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. and Beauty Brokers Inc. – She is positioned and has been awarded by NYC premiere professional women’s affiliations, such as New York Women in Communications as a leading consultant, innovator, and entrepreneur in health and beauty across the US. Melinda has been described as “a refreshing girl-boss with a no-nonsense, roll up her sleeves work ethic” by renown industry leaders and national publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, with an “out with the old and in with all of the new and latest aesthetic procedures and trends attitude”. Melinda is derived from a solid foundation and over 25 years of extensive in office, behind the scenes experience, licenses and numerous certifications in dentistry and business consulting. Her educational background at UMDNJ- RDA, RDH (The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), New York University – Dental Science and Columbia University M.A.

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