Daily Dose was founded by Tricia Williams based around the idea that food is medicine and that the right foods really should be easily accessible to people who are simply too busy to either shop, cook or dig into nutrition research. In partnering with some of the leading thought leaders in the nutrition and wellness space to offer a variety of meal programs, Daily Dose has something to fit anyone’s busy life and health goals.

Tricia Williams

What first got you interested in the nutrition and holistic health space?

I started my career in NYC as a pastry chef and then became a restaurant chef. When I became pregnant with my first child (16 years ago) I read a book that changed my life, Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. This sent me on a path of studying alternative nutrition. I started a company called Food Matters. We looked at people’s health history, health goals and on boarded with anyone on their wellness team to created truly customized prescription nutrition. Over the years we fed lots of athletes, celebrities and then started getting people with serious health issues…cancer, autoimmune, infertility, etc. We used kitchen as pharmacy to help people on their healing journey.

What inspired you to create the Daily Dose company?

After a decade of customized nutrition, I realized that there are certainly food rules that apply to overall heath. I wanted to offer something more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Tell us more about your relationship with farmers? / How do you choose which farmers to work with?

Local, organic and regenerative farming practices is what we look for. For example we work a lot with The Lancaster Co-op. They are a group of a 100 small regenerative farms. At Daily Dose we believe it’s important to do what’s good for your body and also good for the earth. We just started working with Kopert Cress Farms on the North Fork of Long Island. This season we are all about sprouts and micro-greens to deliver nutrient dense nutrition.

What’s something we wouldn’t know about you?

I am obsessed with boxing! It’s my go to sport for a workout. While I have retired my head gear and mouth guard and don’t spar any more….it’s my go to for a workout 4-5 times a week.

What’s your favorite meal currently offered by Daily Dose?

It’s a breakfast from our Ketotarian meal plan that we put together with Dr. Will Cole: Everything Biscuit with Chive Cashew Cream, Wild Smoked Salmon, Lemon & Breakfast Radish Salad.

Here are some fun nutrition facts about this dish:

• The biscuit is almond meal and kudzu and ghee based. Kudzu root has a calming effect on the body and helps stabilize blood sugar.

• The everything spice mix container cracked broccoli seeds that are high in sulforaphane, a powerful cancer fighting compound.

Tricia Williams

Tricia Williams is a talented Chef recognized as a leader in the fields of Nutrition and Holistic Health. Some years ago, Tricia founded Food Matters, a boutique, nutritionally-sound meal delivery service. Closely collaborating with her clients’ coaches, integrative physicians, and nutritionists, Tricia was able to successfully tailor meal plans that met both their taste preferences and their health goals.

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