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Melinda Farina

About Melinda

Beauty Expert

Melinda Farina is the Founder Beauty Brokers Inc. She is globally recognized as the “go to” aesthetic consultant, having vetted the best aesthetic specialists across the world and has been awarded by NYC premiere professional women’s affiliations, such as New York Women in Communications as a leading innovator, and entrepreneur in health and beauty. Melinda has been described as “a refreshing girl-boss with a no-nonsense, roll up her sleeves work ethic” by renown industry leaders and national publications, such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Allure, Coveteur, Vanity Fair and Industry with an “out with the old and in with all of the new, effective and latest aesthetic procedures and trends attitude”. Melinda is derived from a solid foundation and over 29 years of extensive in office, behind the scenes O.R. experience, licenses and numerous certifications in business consulting. Her educational background – UMDNJ- RDH, New York University – Dental Science and Columbia University M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Philosophy of the Plan

Why gut health is key for beauty
It is the gateway to how we absorb nutrients and expel toxins (before they reach the bloodstream and build up in skin tissue)

It houses billions of health promoting commensal and transient microbes (a.k.a good bacteria,) that help to support digestion, produce nutrients for gut health, detoxify pathogenic offenders, and most importantly are the bio-communicative managers for the “gut-skin axis,” to keep skin calm & luminous and balanced.

It is the site where ~ 70% of our immune cells are produced. A healthy immune system helps to keep skin calm and balanced & resilient against environmental pollutants/pathogens.


The Beauty Brokers

Melinda has vetted the top board certified niche surgeons in over 18 territories across the United States, Europe, Australia, and UAE. Consults can be conducted via SKYPE™ and by selected iPhone applications from all over the world. Upon request Melinda will travel to see clients in person. Consultations may be scheduled at your convenience, including weekdays, weekends, and evenings by special request.

Daily Meal Plans

Paleo by Tricia Williams

Keto by Daily Dose

NeutriBeauty by Beauty Brokers

Performance Meal Plans

SuperCharged by Don Saladino

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Prescriptive Meal Plans

Taste of Home by Dr. Mona V.

The Ketotarian by Dr. Will Cole

Forever Strong by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Meals by Dr. James DiNicolantonio

The LUV Diet by Dr. David Perlmutter

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