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Anna Kaiser

About Anna

Celebrity Fitness Expert

Anna Kaiser, is known for transforming the bodies of some of Hollywood and the music industry’s biggest stars. Her signature workout is a mix of dance, power, and toning that leads to visible results. Along the way, she’s built an empire of fitness studios in New York City and the Hamptons, and virtual workouts streamed worldwide.
During her early career as a dancer, Anna toured with Shakira and choreographed the music video for “She Wolf.” Aside from touring with recording artists, Anna appeared in the hit Disney film Enchanted as a principal dancer, was a part of the international tour of Fame!, and was in Carnegie Hall’s production of Show Boat. Anna founded Anna Kaiser Studios in 2020, opening her first studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Using her years of expertise in performance and training, she created a cross-training program that incorporates the best workouts for a woman’s body in the most effective, efficient, and fun way possible.

Philosophy of the Plan

As a new mom, business owner, and fitness expert, Anna personally needed a plan that was easy to follow and used locally-sourced fruits and veggies and grass-fed organic protein to keep her going all day AND get her body back in shape. She and Tricia collaborated on a plan yielding the perfect macronutrient balance to fuel an active lifestyle, build lean muscle, burn fat, cut sugar cravings. Balanced energy, complete nutrition, and delicious variety, the Plan includes 3 meals, an electrolyte-infused KAISER WATER for during/after workouts, and healing midday or after dinner tea ritual to give you 15 minutes of much needed time to help you relax and recharge.

The Plan

“At 50, my abs look more toned than ever… and I swear by long time trainer Anna Kaiser’s dance cardio sessions.”

Kelly Ripa

“A one-size- fits-all fitness nutrition plan wasn’t going to work for my clients. It had to match the excitement of AK studios, extend beyond the work done in-studio to both fuel and repair, and deliver exactly what the AK experience delivers – results.”

Anna Kaiser

“I started working with Anna 11 years ago. The focus for our workouts is consistency and making sure I am is able to do everything as a rock star, mom, a philanthropist, business owner. Anna has helped me feel my strongest and my best self and be ready for anything—even while rehearsing and prepping for the Super Bowl.”


The Studio

Anna Kaiser Studios provides a comprehensive training program for members including dance, tone, and power. Members are empowered to become stronger in their bodies, minds, and communities. With clients like Kelly Ripa, Shakira, and Alicia Keys, Anna and her team of top-tier trainers provide an unparalleled fitness experience.

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