1. Wake-Up Water

Drink 16 oz first thing, before breakfast or coffee, to start your day on a hydrated foot. I typically add an organic greens powder or lemon slices, but the water is my wellness non-negotiable to start my day.

2. Outside O’clock

I left nyc after 12 years for a nature and space infusion in Boulder, CO. Getting outside into sunshine & nature for at least 20 minutes a day — no phones allowed — is my favorite anti-anxiety and de-stress tool.


3. Monthly Acupuncture

Monthly acu helped heal my cycle and painful and emotional period symptoms. Our Indigo offices in Stamford & Westport offer acupuncture & herbs for everything from fertility to migraines.

4. Couples Therapy

The best gift my partner and I have ever given each other is one hour a week (sometimes 2) of total focus on our relationship, with the help of a therapist & intimacy expert. The benefits of learning one another’s attachment styles & “parts” (from Internal Family Systems), thinking through our life & family vision, and openly talking about sex has had a ripple effect far beyond our relationship. 10/10 recommend.

5. Winner Winner Earlybird Dinner

I love a simple, homemade, early dinner. Giving your body time to digest before bed helps all your other regulation processes, from hormones to immunity to memory. I aim for 2-3 hours food free before zzzz’s.

Carolyn Brown MS RD

Carolyn Brown  is the co-founder of Indigo Wellness Group. She has worked one-on-one and in group settings with thousands of clients to reach their health, wellness and weight goals, specializing in helping them “live a healthy life, without losing a social life”. Her approach is integrative-meets-intuitive.
Carolyn has been featured on: The TODAY show, FOX, Men’s Health, CBS news, and Women’s Health. She is based in Boulder, CO.

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