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Well-respected functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine®. Dr. Lyon is a nationally recognized speaker and media contributor specializing in brain and thyroid health, lean body mass support, and longevity. Her clinical practice services the leaders, innovators, mavericks, and executives in their prospective fields. Dr. Lyon works closely with the Special Operations Military and has a private practice that services patients worldwide.

“We all have the strength to achieve vibrant health and longevity. By identifying the emotional, environmental and psychological barriers to lasting health, we can design personalized action plans and advanced nutrition interventions to make dynamic health the foundation of an exceptional life.”   Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

1. Prioritize dietary protein 

To support muscle health, metabolism, and fat loss.

2. Resistance train 3-4x week

Muscle is the organ of longevity®. Skeletal muscle acts as your body armor throughout life and can mitigate conditions like insulin resistance, heart disease, and metabolic dysregulation.

3. Know your weaknesses

Know where you typically fail so you can plan ahead and put the systems in place for your success.

4. Minimize chaotic eating

Structure your food in a way to optimize your circadian biology. A good rule of thumb is to eat when the sun is up within an 8–10-hour window. If you are new to this way of timing your meals, you can start with a 12-hour window and work your way down.

5. Take control of your cravings

Prioritizing protein is one way to ease cravings. Another tool I often suggest to my patients is if cravings come up, do some push-ups or go for a walk, drink some water, and ask yourself if you’re still having that craving.

Forever Strong by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

a board certified in Family Medicine and completed a combined research and clinical fellowship in Geriatrics and Nutritional Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. She completed her undergraduate training in Nutritional Sciences: Vitamin & Mineral Metabolism at the University of Illinois.
Dr. Lyon is a subject matter expert and educator in the practical application of protein, types, and levels to health, performance, aging, and disease prevention. She has continued to receive mentorship from Dr. Donald Layman, Ph.D. over the course of two decades to help bring protein metabolism and nutrition from the bench to the bedside.

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