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At Joanna Vargas Spas, we love a good lymphatic massage to help our bodies absorb fats and maintain a good fluid balance in our blood and tissues. We get a lot of questions about lymphatic massages, so we thought we’d share these with you today, and of course, our answers to clear out any confusion surrounding this popular treatment.

Joanna Vargas

Q: What is the lymphatic system and what does it do?

A: We have approximately 600 lymph nodes in our body. These small bean-shaped structures are part of the body’s immune system and filter substances that travel through the lymphatic fluid, and help the body fight infection and disease. Our lymphatic system actually don’t come with a pump, so we help it along with movement, workouts, good nutrition, hydration, and massages.

Q: Why is it important to keep healthy?

A: Think about how you look and how you feel when you’re sick or hungover, or have binged too much sugary food. Puffy and washed out… Out of balance… That’s because your lymphatic system isn’t draining tissues as efficiently as it should be. Compromised lymphatic systems can also lead to breakouts, clogged pores, blackheads, and oilier skin.

Q: How does lymphatic massage help my skin?

A: Lymphatic massage will boost healthy movement of your lymphs in the area you target with the treatment. This is great for your skin on many levels; you will notice reduced puffiness and bloat, eliminated dark circles, less breakouts, and less water retention.

Keep your system flowing and working at its best with BALLANCER PRO; a hands-free lymphatic massage suit. This FDA approved technology improves overall wellness, reduces water retention and weight and speeds recovery time of your toughest workout. Visible results include a slimming effect up to 2 clothing sizes(!) You can target upper body, lower body, or better yet, both.

Book Ballancer Pro in New York or Los Angeles.


Joanna Vargas

oanna Vargas is today’s it-esthetician for today’s it-celebrities, and anyone who wants gorgeous, glowing skin that endures. Known for her powerhouse refining and reshaping facials offered at her signature NYC + LA salons, Joanna Vargas products reflect her unique combination of technique, technology and all-natural ingredients formulated to beautify.

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