On Vegan Get Plant Rich.

100% plant-based breakfast, lunch & dinner
Chef crafted and nutritionist formulated meals
w/ balanced nutrition

On Vegan Get Plant Rich.

100% plant-based breakfast, lunch & dinner
Chef crafted and nutritionist formulated meals
w/ balanced nutrition

Add more vegetables into your diet

On Vegan you will become plant-rich, supporting sustainable and delicious choices.


If you are looking to increase your intake of close to the earth foods, Vegan is right for you. Designed to showcase the power of plants with nutritionally balanced meals.

Organic Products

We source the highest-quality organic ingredients and powerful superfoods from trusted regenerative organic farmers and suppliers.


Our vegan meal plan are full of a rainbow of seasonal vegetables, sprouted grains, soaked beans, fermented foods and delicious nut based cheeses.

Always Fresh

We are cooking real food every day. Our meal plans are delivered to your door Monday, Wednesday and Friday in ready to heat and eat oven safe compostable containers.

"Going plant based for the last two weeks has really transformed the way I feel!"

Jackie L.

"Daily Dose doesn’t simply provide healthful food to meet your particular goals. Their food is creative, innovative and as delicious as any restaurant meal."

Tara W.

"I thought I would be hungry all day....Daily Dose provides ample nutrition and healthy fats to keep me feeling full all day long."

Don P.

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how it works

Choose Your Days

All plans are designed to support a healthy and balanced diet

Delivered Fresh Daily

Meals are delivered fresh: Monday Wednesday and Friday

Eat and Enjoy

Fully cooked meal plans arrive in oven safe containers: ready to heat and eat!

Frequent Questions

Why are Daily Dose Meals Healthy?

Each Daily Dose Life meal and products are created around our nutritional values. We don't use any gluten, dairy, refined grains or sugar. We are organic. All of the seafood we use is wild and the animal products are all pasture raised. Our food with benefits can help you stay focused and give you more energy.

How Do You Subscriptions Work?

A Daily Dose subscription is the easiest, most convenient, most cost-effective option for clean eating. Because we know that the most life-changing results occur when you eat our way the majority of the time, a Daily Dose subscription guarantees that you never have to miss a single week of clean, wholesome meals. (That’s one less thing you have to think about, no shopping, no cooking, and no cleaning.) We’ll charge your card on a recurring weekly basis, and you’ll receive complimentary delivery while enjoying the best value we offer for our coveted meal delivery programs. There is no commitment – you can skip weeks of your subscription if you're traveling or if you want a break, increase or decrease your meals for any given week, and cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty.

what Comes in each delivery?

Our meal delivery includes up to 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and /or dinner depending on your program), plus performance smoothie depending on the program. Delivery comes in a cooler bag with cold packs inside.