By Holistic Nutritionists Sarah Wragge & Erin Parekh
+ Daily Dose It’s time to hit the reFRESH button.

next reFRESH5 starts September 7th


With the 5-Day reFRESH you will:

  • RE-SET YOUR EATING HABITS and get backon track with your health goals
  • CURB YOUR SUGAR AND CARB CRAVINGS, and stop eating the junk that always seems to sneak back into your daily life.
  • REV UP YOUR METABOLISM. A properly done reFRESH can be great for re-setting your metabolism after the holidays, a series of work trips, family vacation, or simply because you know your body needs it.
  • GIVE YOUR BELLY A BREAK! Digestion takes a lot of energy, and it's important to give our digestive systems a break every now and then so they can repair the damage done by foods like fried, processed, and sugary treats.
  • ENJOY A WHOLE-FOODS PLANT-BASED DIET. There's no fasting or cabbage soup here. Just real, delicious, nutrient dense food.
  • FEEL BETTER THAN YOU’VE EVER FELT BEFORE. Many of our clients tell us they have more energy, sleep better, and literally glow — all from focusing on whole, real food over the course of 5-days. Pretty incredible if you ask us!

The best part? Get all of your meals delivered directly to your door
thanks to our exclusive partnership w/ Daily Dose.
Enjoy delicious, nourishing
, blood sugar balancing, REAL food that will leave you feeling grounded and vibrant — not starving or depleted. more info

“Loved everything -- felt very satisfied after each meal and snack. Loved all the different flavors and was able to really satisfy myself without going overboard. My skin is glowing and I’m feeling great. Kuddos to you both!”
Allison | New York

“I did the 5-day reFRESH to get a positive start to 2019 after a fun-filled holiday season. The daily emails and FB posts were motivating and inspirational and overall, I felt really great at end of day 5. My skin glowed, I lost a few pounds, my jeans felt more comfortable and the food was delicious. And, having all the recipes will help me continue down this healthy path.”
Cathy | New York

“I felt so great on the reFRESH I didn’t want it to end so I did it for a total of 10 days. I lost 5 lbs & my husband lost 8 lbs. The plan is so easy to follow but the best part is the delicious recipes!! I felt no bloat the entire week and my energy increased as the week went on. I learned so many great tips that I now incorporate into my everyday life. Another fave was the shopping list so I knew which brands to buy!!”
Melissa | New Jersey

What to expect…

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Sample Menu

BREAKFAST: Low-sugar smoothie or fiber-rich bowl

LUNCH: Hearty salad or warming nourish bowl

SNACK: Filling afternoon mini-meal

DINNER: Easy to digest soup