Paleo Healthy habits, every day.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner to support behavior change
  • Reduced carbohydrates for weight loss and maintenance
  • Target inflammation and stabilize blood sugar

Get back into your skinny jeans!

Paleo isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle.

100% Natural

The success of Paleo is rooted in the Paleo movement where balanced meals are formulated without grains, beans or legumes. With reduced carbohydrates and a dose of our culinary magic, chicken parm is still on the menu!

Organic Products

We source the highest-quality organic ingredients and powerful superfoods from trusted farmers and suppliers. Our protein is locally sourced and responsibly raised.


Designed to help you lose weight or maintain your weight if you 've already got your skinny jeans on, paleo will have you feeling full and satisfied.

We have found that the overall calorie count differs for most men and women, so we offer both under paleo.  

Always Fresh

We are cooking real food every day. Our meal plans are delivered to your door Monday through Friday in ready to heat and eat oven safe containers.

On Paleo you feel amazing while maintaining (or losing!) weight.

"Paleo body has been life changing for me. I have dropped 22 pounds and counting."

Lisa M.

"Daliy Dose Paleo program is a great way for me to maintain my weight and stay on track during the work week."

John P.

"Who know eating healthy and losing weight could taste so good. My favorite dish is the spaghetti squash turkey bolognese."

Jen R.

On Paleo you will eat the way nature intended you to.

Change, Simplified.


All plans are designed to support a healthy and balanced diet.


Meals are delivered fresh daily: Monday through Friday.


Fully cooked meal plans arrive in oven safe containers: ready to heat and eat!

On Paleo you will lose or maintain weight and feel amazing.

Benefits of


increased focus

better sleep

improved energy

boost immunity

fight inflammation

clearer skin

More Daily Dose Plans for Balance

Power your performance with Athlete

  • Breakfast lunch & dinner for the active individual
  • Post-workout recovery smoothie
  • Ready to eat meals delivered to your door

Build lean muscle and fuel your active lifestyle!

Turn into a fat burning machine on Keto

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner to support behavior change
  • Maintain ketosis 70% fat, 20% protein & 10% carbs
  • Mental clarity using fat for fuel

Get into ketosis in 4 days or less!

Experts say