Skinny Body is a paleo program

  • ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • delivered to your door

  • no shopping, no cooking, no problem

lose weight, feel great and get back into your skinny jeans!

weightloss and maintenance nutrition


pasture raised

dairy free

gluten free

no cane sugar


  on Skinny Body you will lose weight and feel amazing

why it works

The success of Skinny Body is rooted in the Paleo movement. Meals are formulated without any grains, beans or legumes. Without these ingredients we make some magic happen. Clients still eat their favorite dishes like chicken parm!

On Skinny Body you will feel full and satisfied with each meal. We offer different calorie counts for men and women. This program is designed to help you lose weight or maintain your weight if you 've already got your skinny jeans on,

Ordering Skinny Body is easy and super flexible. You can choose a reoccuring subscription model that you can put on hold at any time. You can also choose to order meals as you need them. Delivery is daily Monday thru friday.

food with benefits

lose weight

increased focus
improved energy
gut health/immunity
sleep better
supports anti-aging
fight inflammation


"Skinny body has been life changing for me. I have dropped 22 pounds and counting."

Lisa M

"Daliy Dose Skinny Body is a great way for me to maintain my weight and stay on track during the work week."

John P.

"Who know eating healthy and losing weight could taste so good. My favorite dish is the spaghetti squash turkey bolognese."

Jen R.

Daily Dose offers plans for everybody

increase muscle mass Beast Body includes

  • power formulated breakfast lunch & dinner

  • performance smoothie & bar

  • ready to eat meals delivered to your door

become the shredded athlete you were meant to be!

turn into a fat burning machine Keto Body includes

  • read-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • 70% fat 20%protein & 10% carbohydrates

  • delivered to your door

get into ketosis in 4 days or less!