Functionally Designed Meal Plans

Our meal plans make eating for your specific health goals simple, so instead of focusing on macros or reading labels, you can focus on feeling amazing and
getting after your life.

Whatever your goals, we all benefit from clean, nutritious food. Our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, with no refined sugars.

We use only sustainably sourced meats and fish and organic ingredients. 

Find Your Path
Choose a plan that best aligns with your overall health and lifestyle goals.

Lose or maintain weight with our delicious grain-free meal plan consisting of grass-fed meats, sustainable wild fish, a rainbow of vegetables, and healthy fats.
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Use body fat as fuel. Keto enhances mental clarity and fat loss. Fatty fish, grass-fed beef, low-carb veggies and healthy fats make up our menus.
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Ready to go plant based? Our meal plan makes it easy to transition with vegetables high in phytonutrients, sprouted grains, soaked beans, nuts, seeds and you can’t forget the delicious fermented vegan cheese.
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Immune Booster
Formulated to repair your gut health and boost your immune system. This meal plan focuses on high anti-inflammatory foods that are loaded with pre and probiotic ingredients and restorative adaptogenic herbs.
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Special Programs
Choose a plan that best aligns with your overall health and lifestyle goals.

Build lean muscle and fuel your active lifestyle with a proven formula of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Plus a supplemental power smoothie and performance bar to keep you fueled through recovery.  learn more

Protein Fast
A 5 day specially designed program that mimics fasting while still eating nutritious food. Protein fasting has been shown to increase metabolism, fuel weight loss and promote longevity.  learn more

reFresh 5
We’ve partnered with Holistic Nutritionists Sarah Wragge & Erin Parekh to create a custom 5 day program for those needing a clean-eating reset. 100% plant-based, real food that will leave you feeling grounded, nourished and back on track.  learn more

Need help deciding what plan is best for you?
Get in touch with us at and we’re happy to help guide you.

Looking to supplement your current diet with clean, easy meals

Our Market Menu items can be ordered on their own without a meal program to make sure you always have a healthy option in your fridge.