Office Fuel includes

  • performance smoothie

  • chef prepared organic lunch

  • performance bar

  • delivery daily to your office

optimize your performance at work and start treating yourself like an athlete of the mind!

work performance nutrition


pasture raised

dairy free

gluten- free

no cane sugar


on Office Fuel you will bring your A game to work everyday

why it works

Get the secret weapons of the most successful offices. It's time to start treating yourself like an athlete of the mind! Office Fuel clients tend to have a performance smoothie for breakfast, an organic chef prepared lunch and a performance bar in the afternoon.

Stock your kitchen weekly with our performance smoothies and bars and order lunches to be delivered daily. Our bars and smoothies are formulated to help you target every aspect of the work day: Wake up, Sick Day Slayer, Stress Buster and Get $#!t Done.

Office Fuel performance smoothies and bars are created with a magic equation of whole food ingredients to help protect your immune system, keep you energized, increase your focus, help you process stress and stay on point throughout the work day.

food with benefits

increased focus
improved energy
gut health/immunity
sleep better
supports anti-aging
fight inflammation

water cooler gossip

"Ordering healthy lunches at work used to be such a problem. With Office Fuel I don't have to worry anymore.

James K Donaghy

executive chairman Structure Tone Inc

Daliy Dose keeps my focused and on task all day long. I smoothie for brekafast, have my lunch delivered and have a performance bar in the afternoon.

Sam P

"Daily Dose doesn’t simply provide healthful food to meet your particular goals. Their food is creative, innovative and as delicious as any restaurant meal."

Lauren Slayton MS RD

  founder of Foodtrainers

"Office Fuel has been a game changer for me. Now be healthy at the office is super convenient.

Mark G

Office Fuel corporate program

  • stock your fridge weekly with performance smoothies

  • stock your pantry weekly with performance bars

  • choose from a menu of chef prepared organic lunches delivered daily to your office

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