Athlete Body includes

  • power formulated breakfast lunch & dinner

  • performance smoothie & bar

  • ready to eat meals delivered to your door

increase your muscle mass and become the beast you were meant to be!

sports performance nutrition


pasture raised

dairy free

gluten free

no cane sugar


on Athlete Body you will increase muscle mass and definition

why it works

If you are looking to add muscle for something sport specific or body building, Athlete Body is right for you. Designed to do in conjunction with a training regimen, Beast Body can get you to your goals quickly.

Athlete Body uses a proven formula of macronutrient breakdowns for each power meal that work well. The addition of a supplemental smoothie and performance bar help accelerate this program.

Order Athlete Body is easy and flexible. Choose from our suscription model which you can put on hold at any time or order meals, smoothies and performance bars as you need them.

food with benefits

decrease body fat
increase muscle mass
increased focus
improved energy
gut health/immunity
sleep better
supports anti-aging
fight inflammation

gym buzz

"I have had difficulty gaining muscle mass my entire life because of a fast metabolism. Athlete Body allowed me to put on 10 pounds of muscle mass in 7 weeks."

Jack M.

I have been doing high intensity weight training. Athlete Body has allowed me to significantly improve in every category.

Lorena S.

"Daily Dose doesn’t simply provide healthful food to meet your particular goals. Their food is creative, innovative and as delicious as any restaurant meal."

Lauren Slayton MS RD

founder of Foodtrainers

"With only 8 weeks to get ready for my next superhero role, Athlete Body got me there, ripped and shredded.'

Sebastian S.

Daily Dose offers plans for everybody

loose weight and feel great Paleo Body is a paleo program

  • ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • delivered to your door

  • no shopping, no cooking, no problem

get back into your skinny jeans!

turn into a fat burning machine Keto Body includes

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • 70% fat, 20%protein & 10% carbohydrates

  • delivered to your door

get into ketosis in four days or less!