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1. Movement is medicine

At DanceBody our mantra is to keep moving. When days are long and things don’t go as planned, getting a little movement into your day can really help set your mind and body at ease.

2. Food is fuel

I believe in using food to energize my body. Having spent the majority of my adult life dancing I learned what my body needs to function at its highest level.


3. Everything in moderation

I love to indulge in some of my favorite foods just like anyone and in my book, that’s okay! At DanceBody, we don’t focus on working out to earn meals but rather turn our focus towards moving for the sake of moving. Enjoying a drink or your favorite candy bar shouldn’t change that.

4. Light weight high repetition

The workout I designed at DanceBody infuses functional training with dance. We use low weights and high repetition to build muscular endurance and create the long lean lines of a dancer. Try for yourself in a DanceBody Sculpt class!

5. Listen to your body

As a movement professional, if you don’t learn to listen to your body when it whispers you will surely hear it when it screams. My body is the foundation for my work and so I work hard to keep it running healthily and efficiently.

Katia Pryce

Katia Pryce, a NYC-based professional dancer-turned-fitness instructor founded DanceBody in 2013 with a mission to create the workout she personally craved to maintain the long, lean, lines of a dancer while feeling strong and athletic. Clients come to DanceBody, virtually and in person, for a fun and effective workout that infuses functional training with the playfulness of dance. DanceBody trainers move clients’ bodies in new ways through dance-inspired fitness that strengthens both body and mind. With locations in New York, Miami, The Hamptons, as well as online, DanceBody has developed a worldwide following.

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