Daily 5 with Amy von Sydow Green, MS, MD, RD

Daily 5 with Amy von Sydow Green, MS, MD, RD

Amy von Sydow Green, MS, MD, RD, is an American/Swedish virtual nutrition coach, registered dietitian, 4-time cookbook writer, recipe developer and mom of 3, based in Philadelphia. Amy has over a decade of experience in the field of obesity research and weight management. She works with busy women on figuring out healthy routines that fit their lifestyles. She loves working with her clients on creating sustainable changes and getting long-lasting results. She regularly posts inspirational tips, recipes and ideas on her Instagram account and is a dedicated Pilates fan!

1. Self Compassion  

Self Compassion – Be kind to yourself. By treating yourself with warmth, kindness, and understanding, you improve your chances of making sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Self criticism does not result in better discipline. No, instead being too strict with oneself results in disappointment, frustration, guilt, and a feeling that giving up is the right choice – “Phew, I’m terrible and can’t do it, I might as well eat more candy”… Let’s get away from this, instead focus on becoming your own best coach, cheerleader and friend!

2. Sleep

Rest and recovery is essential. Prioritize your sleep! When you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel hungrier and start to notice cravings.

A lack of sleep leads to an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin and a decrease in leptin, a hormone that gives satiety. Your appetite increases and it gets harder to feel full and satisfied after a meal. Also, you know when you’re more likely to reach for a quick boost that you often get from those simple carbs.

3. Afternoon Snack

Afternoon snack – Most of my clients are busy women. All of them benefit from a satisfying afternoon snack – a combination of protein and carbs, for example Greek yogurt and berries. This helps them manage that high stress transition time between work and home life/dinner with steady energy.

4. Half Plate Veggies

Half plate veggies – Let’s not make eating healthy too complicated! A simple change – half plate veggies at dinner time. Veggies provide key minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients.

A diet rich in vegetables helps keeping your heart and brain healthy. You feel full due to the volume and fiber that the veggies provide, and of course, veggies make your plate pretty and appetizing!

5. Planning

Planning – Having a plan for your meals is KEY when making healthy changes. Make sure to give yourself some cozy planning time over the weekend – have a cup of tea, take out a notebook. Planned out meals reduce stress and make it easy to stick with your healthy routine.