International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women Across America's Food Industry

Even in 2021, the industry of agriculture and food production in the United States is heavily skewed towards one gender – male. That’s not to say that women haven’t made their mark on farms and in kitchens across the country over the past century though. Because there’s no doubt that they have! So this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all those we came before us, and all who will come after us, to make our food system a more fair and inclusive place, while also paying close attention to what that industry is doing to our planet.

At Daily Dose, this appreciation starts with our Founder — Tricia Williams. As both a Nutrition and Holistic Health leader and talented Chef, Tricia understands the deep connection between not only diet and wellbeing, but sourcing, and knowing exactly where your food comes from. And her commitment to custom-made, sustainably-sourced meal programs are evidence of that. Tricia has consistently gone above and beyond to put the health of her customers and clients on the same pedestal as the health of the environment.

Sourcing from local, organic, women-run farms is becoming a higher priority for Tricia as Daily Dose continues to grow across the United States. And her passion for supporting other women in the industry is something that reflects in everything she does. So we’re highlighting a few local stories of women changing the food system — because those are the stories that will hopefully spark action for others to do the same.

The Story of Amber Waves Farm: Maggie de Cuevas, Katie Baldwin, and Amanda Merrow

Farmland has been in danger over the last few decades. But on a few acres in Amagansett, New York, three women proved that good things come to those who take action.

Land on the East End of The Hamptons is facing hefty real estate price tags right now — everyone wants a tiny slice of beach town heaven. While that’s great for the real estate market — it’s not so great for small farms who’ve made their decades-long livelihood reliant on that exact land. So people like Maggie de Cuevas, along with organizations like the Peconic Land Trust and Amagansett Food Institute, are helping to shift the focus to keeping that farmland as is.

Within the past few years, Maggie de Cuevas sold Amagansett Farmers Market along with an additional 9.3 acres of land to Amber Waves Farm. By doing so, she secured an Amagansett land tract, guaranteeing that any productive farmland will remain in perpetuity, and creating a new model for protecting farmland in this country.

Farms are shifting back to what they once were before the modernization and mechanization of the Industrial Revolution, and we’re seeing an evolution of society where they want to know where their food comes from. And farms like Amber Waves Farm and people like Maggie de Cuevas are so important in sustaining that.

Share the Harvest Farm: Melissa Mapes Miller

Melissa Mapes Miller is the director of community outreach and education at Share the Harvest Farm who's taking the term ‘mother nature’ to a new level. When she’s in the field, it’s common to see her out there with her daughter strapped to her back. And if she’s digging in the dirt, her daughter’s with her there too.

Melissa Mapes Miller is someone who believes that little girls should grow up in the fresh air, and should always get their hands a little dirty. Her initiatives of creating a farm-to-preschool curriculum for a local preschool has shown just that, and her efforts are cascading to neighboring farming communities where similar missions have been put in place there too.

The Future of Food is Female

Farms are only as good as the farmer running them — and we know that women and farmland have a special connection that is only seen by those who know to look for it. Stories of women in the food industry inspire Daily Dose every single day — not just on International Women’s Day — so we’re taking measures to initiate more partnerships and collaborations that can begin inspiring others.

Learn more about our sustainably-sourced meal programs to become part of the solution for a more just, equal, and healthier tomorrow.

Tricia Williams

Founder & CEO
Daily Dose

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