The Daily Five with Tricia Williams

The Daily Five is your dose of healthy inspiration for the week from our favorite experts and thought leaders in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, fitness and more! Starting with our founder @itstriciawilliams - we are talking foods you can use for common aliments:

1 Kudzu Root: Anxiety

This root is commonly use as a pie thickener in the US. It can have a calming effect on the body. Daily Dose customers often refer the kudzu turmeric pudding we make as Xanax pudding.

2 Tart Cherry Extract: Sports Recovery

Tart cherry extract is high in quercetin, a flavonoid that targets inflammation and speeds up recovery

3 Black Seed Oil: Inflammation

Black seed oil made from nigella seeds, is three times more anti-inflammatory than turmeric

4 Sea Salt: Acid Reflux

Add your favorite mineral rich sea salt to a glass of water and say good bye to your acid reflux.

5 Ceylon Cinnamon: Regulate Blood Sugar

Add cinnamon as part of your regular diet to help regulate blood sugar. Studies show that 1-6 grams a day may help regulate blood sugar